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 Educate to Empower 

BlueFoot Print Project stands together as an advocate for the fundamental human rights of ALL people, regardless of their race, gender, sexuality or class.


One way that we choose to empower our community and communities around the world is by educating them through our Human Rights Reports. 

Every month, a new issue of our Human Rights Report will highlight a humanitarian crisis going on in the world that needs our attention. It will report the important facts of the crisis. We aim to educate on stories and events where human beings are being deprived of their basic human rights. And we hope to empower all those who come across our platform. 

Please click the images and then the pdf icon to access our Human Rights Report. We hope you spread this information and raise awareness on the crisis. Before we take a step towards change, we must learn about the problems that a community is facing because we can't fight something we know nothing about. 

October Issue
October Issue
Stand with Survivors 

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